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I keep the tire fragment motifs simple and interventions to a minimum because I am using such loaded raw materials. The inside-out reclaimed circles talk about sustainability and renewal, as does the linked single line of Pulse. A basic modification, colour through silver leaf or automobile paint, introduces its own set of meanings which I explore in Silver-Lining: Alto-Cumulus and Too Big to Fail.


Etched, ground and welded steel plates. My ideas of space oscillate between science and myth, Astronomy and Astrology. What would it mean if I blended the two concepts into one object? To find out, I used the size and weight of twelve sheets of steel as a scientific approximation of compressing the infinite vacuum of space into a sixteenth of an inch. I drew the constellations and star charts onto the steel by welding, drilling and grinding. Then I suspended the night sky from a grid structure. By blending of the symbols of “real” space and “represented” space I came up with something that seems truer, like an avatar of space. I use this avatar to explore our relationship with the Universe and the meaning we find in its complex system of remote stars.