About the Artist

“As a contemporary abstract artist, I use the language of abstraction as a conceptual tool to explore a range of complex themes, such as the environment and sustainability, or consumer culture and how we see our world. To start this exploration, I use motifs or case studies that serve as proxies for those broader themes. The use of stand-ins leads me away from specifics of my original theme and guides me towards more open-ended explorations in terms of desire, consequences, faith, and perception. It also introduces an air of absurdity and/or tension where the unexpected can happen.”

At the University of Ottawa, Joyce Westrop majored in drawing and sculpture, she participated in various exhibitions and received awards for creative achievement. After graduating with a BFA in 2001 (magna cum laude), Westrop studied printmaking at the Ottawa School of Art. Westrop's work is in both public and private collections, including the Art Bank of Canada and the City of Ottawa. She has received grants for her work from the City of Ottawa and Ontario Arts Council. Westrop is a member of the Enriched Bread Artists collective (EBA) in Ottawa.

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